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What is a blissing?

A blissing is a powerful blessing of Light, Love and Joy with the intention of real life enhancement for each recipient (blissee). Our united effort can move mankind as a whole to a greater consciousness and practice of love.

When you click “Send Blissing” a light will flash, and the power of your intention (not an email) will deliver the blissing to your chosen recipient. The total number of blissings sent to the recipient will be displayed, as well as the top ten recipients and their counts, and the 10 most recent blissees. Bliss many, bliss often, count your blissings!

1) Enter First Name or Organization (required), then Middle, Last and City if you know them.
2) If you wish to choose from existing blissees with the data you’ve entered, click the Search/Verify button, then choose from the list that will be presented.
3) Read the Intentions of a Blissing below then click the “Send Blissing” button.

Intentions of a Blissing:
Light (understanding) – We intend that the blissee will gain a new insight, a clear understanding and compassion toward self and others, leading to loving action and thought.
Love – We intend that the blissee feel loved and appreciated at a deep level, regardless of any past action, and pass love on to others.
Joy – We intend that the blissee find and feel complete peace and joy within.

Recipient First Name or Organization:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
City (only):

** Total Blissings To Date **: 3211

Trending Blissings
First or Organization NameMiddle InitialLast NameCityCount
Mother Earth   372
ShirleyDBrownPacific City55
Jnana   18

Recent Blissings
First or Organization NameMiddle InitialLast NameCityCount
LucindaJHarringtonLincoln City2
Kay HarringtonSeattle1
Mark HarringtonSeattle1
Frank IretonLanham1
Denise DemingWhippany1
Christian HeckscherDEl Mar, CA1

Another Love Seed from Seymour Lovejoy.